Inuyasha and kagome dating

Published: 11.02.2017

InuTaisho returns from a seven year war with the humans, defeated. Ad blocker interference detected! Login Stay on this Page.

Are Inuyasha and Kagome dating? Edit. Even, despite that InuYasha still has feelings for Kikyo, his love feelings for Kagome is much more stronger and pure.

But I still love him, so there's nothing I could do. Her refusal to leave Inuyasha surprises her friends because of all the pain these situations cause her, but she is shown to love Inuyasha too much to be without him, despite the pain it often causes her. If Inuyasha hadn't come, I would have given in my fear of the darkness and would never have found the correct answer.

We've talked about it before, haven't we?

Despite having stated in Movie 3 that she hates to fight, Kagome would never leave Inuyasha to fight alone. Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show more.

During the final battle within the Shikon Jewel, Inuyasha finally realized that he and Kagome were destined for each other as he claims Kagome was born for him and himself for her. The bond the two of them share also shows that they would go to great lengths to protect each other or help in any way they can as they could not bare seeing the other so devastated, hurt or unhappy to the point of tears, especially since Kagome is the first person Inuyasha has ever shed tears for.

Inu/Kag-Why can't I

At some points, she even thanks him for his 'advice'. Though she is disgusted with Miroku's lechery, womanizing, and occasional perverted acts, and is always the first to yell and scold him whenever he commits any of his less respectable acts, Kagome respects Miroku's intelligence, spiritual power, knowledge, and bravery when dealing with the burden of his Wind Tunnel.

You can help by expanding it or contributing to the discussion. In Spongebob, Is Spongebob weak and stupid? A1 Well, YES but in a different way; during the feudal era, they journey together with their friends to collect the rest of the sacred jewel shards, defeating their enemies, helping people and try to destroy their most arch enemy: Even, spend time together in the modern era Kagome's world.

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      In Episode 48, Kagome's mother revealed that her father proposed to her after a silly fight the two of them had. Swords of an Honorable Ruler Episode Episode Episode Credits only Episode 1 FA Episode 3 FA Episode 16 FA Appears in a flashback Episode 18 FA Episode 19 FA Episode 21 FA Episode 25 FA Episode 26 FA.

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      Kagome began training under Kaede to take on the official role of a priestess and adapt to her new life in the past.

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      Higurashi [4] and Mrs. But in every relationship there is going to be ups and downs.

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